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McGinnis Plumbing is a small family owned plumbing company that is committed to providing excellent service to its customers and clients. We approach every job with the goal in mind to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. When presented with a plumbing repair or installation we will explain in detail the best method to remedy the plumbing issue and provide options whenever available. McGinnis Plumbing will never try to sell you a product or repair that isn’t needed to take care of the plumbing problem. All of our jobs are quoted upfront so that there are no surprises and expectations are met.

We use the best possible materials, tools and products to ensure a successful and lasting repair. The vast majority of our plumbing repairs are guaranteed for a minimum of one year and longer for major repairs or new plumbing installations. Often times we are able to obtain repair parts under manufacturers warranty at no cost to the customer. McGinnis Plumbing is also happy to help identify needed repair parts ahead of a scheduled visit so that we may take care of the service call quickly and efficiently with less visits needed. 

With each and every project or service call we look to treat our clients and customers as extended family. With this approach as a plumbing company we believe that we can provide the best plumbing possible plumbing service available and build long term customer relationships. 

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